These are a few questions asked by our patients:

Q: What types of insurance do you accept?
A: We accept most major insurance plans, including Medicare.

Q: How do I pay for my co-pay?
A: We accept cash, personal checks, Visa and MasterCard.

Q: When is my co-pay due?
A: It is due on the day of service.

Q: What if I have to cancel an appointment or surgery?
A: Please call the office as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule an appointment or surgery.

Q: Will I have to wait long to see the doctor in the office?
A: We try to minimize waiting times. However, emergencies, delays in surgery or unexpected events in surgery may delay the physician’s arrival to the office. If he is going to be more than an hour late, we try to notify you as soon as possible. You may call the office an hour before your appointment to see if the doctor is running on time. We may also have to reschedule your appointment at a later time or date if his surgery schedule conflicts with office time.

Q: What will I need to bring to my first office visit?
A: You will need to bring your photo ID, insurance card(s) and a list of the medications you are currently taking. If you have had any tests done, you will need to bring a CD of the films and a copy of the report. Please note that it is your responsibility to obtain the films and reports. Do not rely on another doctor’s office or a hospital to send these to us. Please complete the questionnaire on the Patient Portal before appointment.

Q: How do I renew a prescription?
A: Please call your pharmacy and have them fax a refill request to our office. Please note that we do not refill prescriptions more than 60 days after surgery. Any refill requests that are received after office hours or on the weekend will be processed on the next business day. We also do not fill long term prescriptions or 90 day prescriptions. Please consult your primary care physician or other specialist for these medications.

Q: How many post-op visits will I need?
A: One to two post op visits depending on the procedure.  Any subsequent visits will be determined by your rate of recovery.

Q: Does Dr. Bowman do cardiac testing procedures such as stress tests, EKG’s, echocardiograms, lab work, etc?
A: Dr. Bowman performs heart surgeries and relies on the cardiologists to carry out the testing procedures.