Patient Testimonials

Here are examples of comments received from former patients and their families. You can find various ratings and reviews of Dr. Bowman by using Google to get a fully unbiased result set (search for “Richard Bowman MD Plano” or similar). If you are or have been a patient of Dr. Bowman and would like to leave feedback, please click here and submit your feedback.

It is with a GRATEFUL AND HEALTHY HEART that I send this thank you!! It has been 10 years since you gave me five new arteries and I plan on being here another 20.

Twenty years ago this June you performed an emergency triple bypass on me. THANKS TO YOUR EFFORTS my wife and I are able to enjoy our six grandchildren and our retirement.

I am so thankful Dr. Bowman and his team were able to do my urgent single bypass. He saved my life. He has so much experience. I am grateful he and his team did my surgery. AWESOME SURGEON and man.

My family and I are so grateful to you and your medical expertise in operating on my heart and doing double bypass surgery. We now have a greater appreciation for what doctors do to save lives. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP IN SAVING MY LIFE and giving me more time to spend with my wife and family. May God bless you!

YOU HAVE TRULY BEEN A BLESSING to me and my family, and I simply cannot thank you enough.

YOU ARE A HERO to our family.

I work with an excellent group of cardiovascular surgeons and they all think YOU ARE AMAZING. So do I.

Thank you for guiding me through my recent VAT surgery. Your explanations helped me prepare for the procedure. I WAS IN GREAT HANDS FROM BEGINNING TO END.

Words cannot express the GRATITUDE THAT I FEEL toward you. Thank you for the amazing job you did and the kindness you showed me.

I would just like to tell you what a VERY DEAR PERSON AND DOCTOR you have been over the past 4 years taking care of our mother. YOU HAVE GIVEN 100% with the many issues she has had, and the kindness you always have with the family is so amazing. I wish we had found you many years ago. You have never given up on her and that we are so thankful to all of you.

THANK YOU FOR TAKING GREAT CARE OF ME – It was an honor to meet you and I appreciate taking time to answer any and all my questions. You were a blessing to me!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING MY MOTHER – You helped save her life and there are no words to express my sincerest thanks.

COULDN’T ASK FOR A BETTER SURGEON OR PERSON – Saved my life. Had quintuple bypass with severe blockages.


GIFT OF LIFE – Dr. Bowman is an amazing doctor. He did the five artery bypass on my husband. Not only is Dr. Bowman a fantastic surgeon but he is a fine human being. God Bless you Dr. Bowman.

PERFECT – Dr. Bowman did the bypass for my mom and I can’t explain it otherwise how perfectly he did the operation. God bless Dr. Bowman and live longer.